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Article number: 350267

Cabelcon Kit

Kit with

  • Compression Tool VT 150
  • Stripping Took KABI
  • 50 x F-56 CX3 (for KOKA 110A+, KOKA99, KOKA F6)


Article number: 153637

Pocket Installer - two tools in one!.

The Pocket Installer is a perfect companion to go with a couple of Self-intall connectors for home installation. The pocket installer combines a RG59/RG6 cable stripper with mechanical stop for proper stripping length and an 11 mm spanner. The pocket installer


Cable stripper - RG59 & RG6 cable types.

With rotary cable strippers, preparation of cable is reduced to a single operation resulting in precise stripping in the dimensions matching exactly with the connector. The non-expensive stripping tools are pre-adjusted for RG 6 cable types (Ø 6.7 & 6.8 mm).

Cable stripper - JOK 750.

Rotary cable stripper for preparation of coax cable. Easy to operate and the result is precise stripping in the dimensions matching exactly with the connector. The stripping tool is suitable for cables with jackets of 4.8 to 7.5 mm. 

All-in-one stripping and cutting tool 

This tool makes cable preparation much easier, as you don't need to carry several tools. The universal tool is suitable for stripping of RG 6, RG 59, RG 11 coax cables & CAT cables (standard and flat cables), combined with a built in cutting function.

Article number: 360920

Universal compression tool.

Used for compression of F-connectors to coax cables. Using this tool, you can easily make a perfect installation every time. This tool accepts the most connectors for RG6 types of cables (KOKA 550, KOKA 110 A+, 17VAtC ..) and RG11 types of cables.

For use with TX100 F-Compression Connectors

Article number: 153608
Cable Support Tool - F-key. Indispensable to anyone working with F-connectors. Used to get a better grip when mounting the F-connectors.

Compression-Kit 6-49

Ideal for KOKA 110 A+. The kit contains: 

  • 1 Plastic suitcase
  • 1 compression tool VT 150
  • 1 cable stripper H-RG 6
  • 100 compression connectors EX 6-49/83


A selection of tools that make cable stripping & connector mounting easy. 

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