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Article number: 812961

Carrying case MCT 048/049/059

Article number: 812980

MCT 080

Article number: 812982

MCT 082

Article number: 812957

Rain&Sun prot/belt MCT48/49/59

Article number: 812981

MCT 081

Article number: 812958

Sun protection MCT 48/49/59

Article number: 812962

PSU MCT048/049/059

Article number: 812987

Carrying case MCT 08x


Test & Measurement (T&M)

T&M instruments are an essential part of today's digital distribution of high quality television and data signals.

TRIAX offers an array of satellite, antenna, cable and fibre optic T&M instruments for the installer in the field, allowing them to configure your distribution network so it's always running at peak performance.

For service purposes and fault finding on existing networks the right instrument is more than half the job. When commissioning the installation of a distribution network, you should insist on a thorough test report from the installer. This is the only way to make sure no hidden installation flaws will come back to haunt you later, and is also a valuable tool in later service cases.

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