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Article number: 349822

SCS 2, 2-way splitter, 2.4GHz

Article number: 349823

SCS 3, 3-way splitter, 2.4GHz

Article number: 349826

SCS 6, 6-way splitter, 2.4GHz

Article number: 349828

SCS 8, 8-way splitter, 2.4GHz

No image available
Article number: 342171

SCS PAU 0631 3-way splitter

No image available
Article number: 342170

SCS PAU 1051 5-way splitter

No image available
Article number: 342172

SCS PAU 1061 6-way splitter

Article number: 349824

SCS-4 4-way splitter, 2.4GHz

Silver splitters

SCS Silver range Splitters

For SAT-IF & MATV distribution networks operating with DVB-S/S2 (QPSK-8PSK) & DTT (COFDM-DAB), frequency range 5...2400 Mhz.

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