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Article number: 307748

TOS 32S, 32-way SC/APC

Article number: 307637

TOS 03D, 3-way FC/PC

Article number: 307636

TOS 02D 2-way FC/PC

Article number: 307735

TOS 32F, 32-way FC/PC

Article number: 307731

TOS 02D - 2080 - FC/PC

Article number: 307736

TOS 04F, 4-way FC/PC

Article number: 307737

TOS 08F, 8-way FC/PC

Article number: 307733

TOS 02D - 4060 - FC/PC

Article number: 307744

TOS 02S, 2-way SC/APC

Opt. taps & splitters

Fibre-optic taps and splitters are passive units.

If your fibre-optic installation requires dividing into several directions, you will need splitters.

TOS optical splitters/couplers are pre-assembled with FC/PC optical connectors in a metal case.

  • For single mode fibre systems
  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Low insertion loss
  • TOS 02D...08D - balanced splitter/couplers with FC/PC connectors on inputs and outputs
  • TOS02D-1090...4060 - unbalanced couplers with FC/PC connectors in inputs and outputs
  • Wavelength 1310 nm. and 1550 nm.

Distribution boxes for TRIAX PLC splitters can be found here.


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