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Article number: 343155

ABS 8, 8--way Splitter 1.3GHz

Article number: 343162

ABT 1-10, 1-way Tap 1.3GHz

Article number: 343152

ABS 4, 4-way Splitter 1.3GHz

Article number: 343160

ABT 1-6, 1-way Tap 1.3GHz

Article number: 343179

ABT 4-20, 4-way Tap 1.3GHz

Article number: 343182

ABT 6-14T, 6-way Tap 1.3GHz

Article number: 343163

ABT 1-12, 1-way Tap 1.3GHz

Article number: 343175

ABT 3-16, 3-way Tap 1.3GHz

Article number: 343164

ABT 1-16, 1-way Tap 1.3GHz

Bonita - DOCSIS 3.1

Bonita 1.3GHz - premium DOCSIS 3.1 solution

The "Bonita" series of taps and splitters is especially designed to connect drop cables in a CATV network distribution cabinet.
The highly robust F-connectors fit the enclosure of the tap or splitter, allowing the connection of thicker trunk cables such as
the RG 11 directly onto the device.

The unique form factor, with all ports in one line and on one side, saves on the space required in the cabinet for cabling, and
reduces installation time and effort. By using compatible brass NiTin cable connectors, you'll never have to fasten the connections again, whatever the temperature and humidity of your environment.

The state of the art RF transmission performance makes your network ready for DOCSIS operation now and in the future.
Your benefits

  • No future maintenance costs
  • Fits already installed cabinets
  • Future proof investment
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