4 Product (s)
Article number: 300509

MFD 41D - 4x1 switch

Article number: 300504

DiSEqC 504 - 4x1 switch

Article number: 300492

MFD 201 DiSEqC 2 Sat x1 Out

Article number: 300495

MFD 411 DiSEqC 4Sat+1Ter x1out

DiSEqC switches
  • MFD DiSEqC switches are used in multi-satellite installations for switching between 2 or 4 LNBs each pointing at different satellites.
  • Available with 2 or 4 inputs for switching between 2 or 4 satellite positions.
  • High isolation ensures problem-free operation in multi user installations.
  • Available in diode or relay versions (relay: mechanical solution for extreme weather conditions).
  • Can be used with single, dual and quad LNBs.
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