GAD 414 S, SAT MM Outlet 14dB loopthrough

Article number: 306414

Product description:

4 Port SAT Multimedia Outlets

4-port SAT Multimedia Outlets are used as subscriber interface for super wide-band distribution networks for SAT direct reception in combination with DOCSIS Fast Internet access via a CATV network.

  • The wall outlet provides selective isolated ports to connect  SAT-IF tuner, CATV modem, terrestrial TV tuner and FM-radio at a subscriber coaxial line. The built in filters avoid disturbances of these devices to each other.

TRIAX offers a full assortment for different applications:

  • The loop-through models GAD 410S/414S/419S are used in combination with Unicable Multiswitches TMU and dCSS LNBs.
  • The single terminated models GAD 407S and the long term established GAD 404S are allocated for work with Standard Multiswitches TMS and Opto-Multiswitches TOM.


  • Universal wall outlets for full service multimedia networks with SAT direct reception
  • High isolation between TV and DATA upstream avoid disturbances from modem operation
  • Assortment of fine scaled tap loss models for cascading in Unicable installations
  • Gapless cable TV frequency range beginning already at 109 MHz
  • Fit to 55mm flush wall mounting boxes and DIN-Euro cover plates
  • Package includes outlet module, plastic frame and plastic cover plate in white coulor


EAN Number 5702663064140
Type GAD
Outlet Type Loop through
Frequency Range IN-OUT 5...2150 MHz
Frequency Range FM 87.5...108 MHz
Frequency Range TV 109...862 MHz
Frequency Range SAT 950...2150 MHz
Frequency Range DATA 5...862 MHz
Through Loss IN-OUT 3,5 dB
Through Loss IN-OUT @SAT 4,5 dB
Through Loss IN-FM 15 dB
Through Loss IN-TV 15 dB
Through Loss IN-SAT 14 dB
Through Loss IN-DATA 14 dB
Isolation OUT-FM 35 dB
Isolation OUT-TV 35 dB
Isolation OUT-SAT 18 dB
Isolation OUT-DATA 30 dB
Isolation FM-SAT 50 dB
Isolation TV-SAT 30 dB
Isolation TV-FM 20 dB
Isolation Data/TV, FM (5...65MHz/VHF/UHF) 65/45/35 dB
Return Loss IN 18 @47MHz-1.5dB/oct. dB
Return Loss OUT 18 @47MHz-1.5dB/oct. dB
Return Loss FM 14 dB
Return Loss SAT 8 dB
Return Loss DATA 18@47MHz-1.5dB/oct. dB
Return Loss TV 16 @47MHz-1.5dB/oct. dB
Impedance 75 Ω
Screening Efficiency EN50083-2 (Class A)
DC Passthrough SAT Yes (max. 24VDC / 0.5A)
Temperature - operating -25...55 °C
Temperature - storage -25...55 °C
Temperature - shipping -40...70 °C
Connector FM IEC-female
Connector TV IEC-male
Dimensions product (H x D x W) 80x80x45 mm
Colour White
Packaging Height 0,040 m
Packaging Width 0,075 m
Packaging Depth 0,075 m
Net Weight 0,150 kg
Tara Weight 0,015 kg
Total Weight 0,165 kg
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