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EDA 302
2-outlet SAT filter sockets. Special SAT antenna outlets for sat IF distribution networks (multi-switch systems or single-cable solution) as well as single satellite systems. F connector for SAT IF range. Additional connection of terrestrial receiving devices such as DVB-T receiver


GDA 313 F
3-way SAT/CATV combination outlet.
Designed for SAT IF and CATV distribution. Manifold connection alternatives for the terminal equipment.

SAT/CATV sockets

3-port all-round, felxiblke and future-proof antenna socket with interconnected frequency bands.

  • Suitable for CATV and SAT IF domestic distribution installations
  • Seamless CATV and SAT ranges and low distribution attenuation thanks to combined filter-tap structure.
  • Suitable for return channel
  • Remote DC-feed via SAT outlet
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