EDM 6 DS, 3-way. Switch Outlet

Article number: 306276

Product description:

EDM 6 DS, 3-way MM Wall Outlet (DOCSIS switchable)

  • Switchable upstream /downstream for upgrade to other DOCSIS operating frequencies
  • Frequency range of 5...1200/1800 MHz for all levels of DOCSIS 3.1 migration - still compatible with existing standards
  • Available in single (EDM) and loopthrough (GDM) models
  • Superb electrical performance
  • High screening attenuation Class A+10dB.
  • Quick and easy mounting "push-lock" mechanism
  • Approved by Vodafone - Kabel Deutschland


EAN Number 5702663062764
Shielding @ 5...470 MHz ≥ 95.0 dB
Shielding @ 470-1000 MHz ≥ 85.0 dB
Shielding @ 1000...1794 MHz ≥ 85.0 dB
Shielding @ 1794...3000 MHz ≥ 65.0 dB
Type EDM
Outlet Type Terminated
Frequency Range DATA 5...1794 MHz
Frequency Range TV 109...862 (258...862@switch + pos.) MHz
Frequency Range RF 87.5...108 (n.a. @switch + pos.) MHz
Frequency Range DATA - RP 5...65...85 (5...204 @switch + pos.) MHz
Through Loss IN-DATA 5...1218MHz 6.0 dB
Through Loss IN-DATA 1218...1794MHz 7.0 dB
Through Loss IN-TV 5...65MHz 52.0 (@switch R pos.) dB
Through Loss IN-TV 5...204 MHz 52.0 (@switch + pos.) dB
Through Loss IN-TV 258...1000 MHz 6.5 (@switch + pos.) dB
Through Loss IN-TV 109...1000MHz 6.5 (@switch R pos.) dB
Through Loss IN-TV 1000...1218 MHz 6.5 (@switch L/R pos.) dB
Through Loss IN-RF 5...65MHz 52.0 (@switch R pos.) dB
Through Loss IN-RF 87.5...108MHz 9.0 (@switch R pos.) dB
Isolation DATA/TV/R 5...65MHz 60.0 (@switch R pos.) dB
Isolation DATA/TV/R 85...200MHz 35.0 (@switch R pos.) dB
Isolation DATA/TV/R 200...862MHz 30.0 (@switch R pos.) dB
Isolation DATA/TV/R 862...1218MHz 20.0 (@switch R pos.) dB
Isolation DATA/TV 5...204MHz 60.0 (@switch L pos.) dB
Isolation DATA/TV 204...862MHz 30.0 (@switch L pos.) dB
Isolation DATA/TV 862...1218MHz 20.0 (@switch L pos.) dB
Return Loss FM 10.0 dB
Return Loss IN 14.0 -1.5/oct dB
Return Loss OUT 14.0 -1.5/oct dB
Return Loss IN/OUT 14.0 -1.5/oct dB
Return Loss DATA 18.0 -1.5/oct dB
Return Loss TV 14.0 -1.5/oct dB
Return Loss RF 10.0 dB
Return Loss IN/OUT/DATA 1218...1794MHz 8.0 (@1794MHz) dB
Impedance 75 Ω
Screening Efficiency EN50083-2 (Class A+10dB)
Connector FM IEC-female
Connector IN Spring Clamp Termination
Connector TV IEC-male
Connector RF IEC-female
Connector DATA F-female (IEC 61 169-24)
Packing QTY 10
Packaging Height 0,070 m
Packaging Width 0,070 m
Packaging Depth 0,040 m
Net Weight 0,104 kg
Tara Weight 0,010 kg
Total Weight 0,114 kg
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