TDX IPTV-in 12 service - Start

Product description:

IP-in 12 sevices - Start package. When the incoming signals are in the IP format, you will need a copper or fibre SFP (RJ45) and additional SW. The start package is for 12 IP-in services, and for additional services the IPTV-in expand software (item no. 418046) is supplied in packages for 12 services. When ordering software for IP-in, please inform TRIAX of the serial number of the ID-no. of the TDX main unit.

The article numbers are: 418045 - TDX IPTV-in 12 service - Start.


EAN Number 5702664180450
Connector - SFP cage -
Connector - Software download -
Remarks TDX IPTV-in 12 services - Start Please notice that IP-In supports no EIT data. If EPG is required, it is mandatory to use an EIT Barker channel for each LINK input EIT/EPG source: One input on each link pr. headend can be configured to carry event information table (EIT) data.
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