9 Product (s)
Article number: 692860

TDH 800 Backend - COFDM

Article number: 692856

TDH 800 Backend - QAM - 2CI

Article number: 692855

TDH 800 Backend - QAM

Article number: 692851

TDH 800 Backend - PAL - 2CI

Article number: 692870

TDH 847 2CI Backend

Article number: 692861

TDH 800 Backend - COFDM -2CI

Article number: 692850

TDH 800 Backend - PAL

Output modules

The TRIAX TDH 800 portfolio offers an optimised tuned and scaled range of modules. The innovative TDH 800 pool technology and free programming considerably reduces the number of different modules necessary to cover the full range of input and output signals.

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