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Article number: 325042

Quadruple AV Encoder to ASI

The quadruple AV Encoder encodes up to 4 AV and video signals to ASI. The CVBS and audio signals are fed via cinch connectors. 

There is an additional ASI input.

Article number: 325010
CGS 470 CI - AV (Quad)

The Quad QPSK-AV-transcoder CGS 470 CI AV converts four TV channels out of two transponders. The number of converted TV channels via the corresponding tuner can be programmed via the integrated control unit. Either 3 TV channels of tuner 1 and 1 TV channel of tuner 2 or 2 TV...

Article number: 325028

CGS-2 760 CI TPS

Article number: 325025

Transmodulation from Digital SAT to Digital Cable (QPSK – QAM)

This module transmodulates two different QPSK-modulated data streams (SCPC or MCPC) into two QAM-modulated data streams. The output level can be set with an analogue antenna measuring instrument.
It can be decoded up to 12 channels


Article number: 325019

Quad Modulator stereo

Up to 4 AV signals can be modulated to 4 TV channels with this Quad modulator.

The output channels are suitable for adjacent channels.

It is no force to adjust adjacent channels!

Output channels C02-C69 incl. S03-S14, S16-S41.

Article number: 325018

CGMM 480 (Mono)
The modulator modules of the CSE 2800 are designed in single-sideband technology.

Output channels C02-C69 incl. S03-S14, S16-S41.

CSE 2800

The CSE 2800 has a flexible and modular design and is used to receive and the distribute digital SAT-TV and radio programs.

Because of the quad module design, up to 16 programmes can be processed. The output modulators are suitable for adjacent channels and do not require adjacent channel setting.

The output channel section includes the full spectrum of C 02 to C 69 including S 03 to S 41. A common interface allows the decoding of encrypted programs.

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