288 Product (s)
Article number: 153440

SMA RF cable 5.0m white

Article number: 307010

TSC 01 Fibre patch cord 1m SC

Article number: 307011

TSC 02 Fibre patch cord 2m SC

Article number: 307015

TSC 30 Fibre patch cord 30m SC

Article number: 307016

TSC 50 Fibre patch cord 50m SC

Article number: 157090

Wall mounting box

Cables and connectors

The choice of cables and connectors affects network performance. The right choice of coax cables and connectors is crucial if you expect a crystal clear TV-picture. 

We carefully select cables, connectors and tools with a view to simplify the choice for quality network installations.

Almost any cable can transmit the signals, but choosing quality cables and connectors and correct mounting of those ensures:

  • long lasting installations
  • protection of signals
  • stability of attenuation
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