Introducing the new TRIAX Network Analyser toolkit

Together with a new improved version of the TRIAX Network Analyser software, the new toolkit makes pre-qualification and documentation of the coax network even easier.

Make every EoC project a success and increase customer satisfaction with thorough pre-qualification.

  • Optimal IP over coax: increase project success and customer satisfaction
  • Perform detailed pre-qualification and documentation of the coax network
  • No more surprises: address potential disturbances, identify need for filters before installation
  • Free software download from TRIAX
  • Free online training: sign up to one of our webinars below
  • TRIAX EoC: professional gigaspeed IP over coax.


New toolkit for TRIAX Network Analyser (TNA)


All you need to bring to the customer’s premises is your laptop and the TNA kit, and you are ready to perform a thorough pre-qualification of the coax network before installing a TRIAX EoC solution.

The toolkit consists of everything you need packed into a handy suitcase:

  • Remote unit
  • Analyser unit
  • All the required cables

Install the remote unit where you would normally install the EoC controller and perform all the necessary readings in each room or in strategic selected locations by moving around the premises with the Analyser unit and your laptop. 


Drawing TNA Kit 2 d

You can of course also use the TNA software to document your installation when finalised.
The TRIAX Network Analyser Kit has order number 383260, and can be purchased where you usually purchase your TRIAX products.


1 Close proximity but no electrical connection 2 Connect to next outlet 3 Survey Report comment

New version of TRIAX Network Analyser (TNA) software

The TRIAX Network Analyser software has also been updated with more features and functionalities. It is available as a complimentary download from today.
Features in the new software:

  • Bi-directional measurements – required to carry out readings at the endpoint locations with the TNA toolkit.
  • Quick report generation with easy naming (location/room number) of all readings.
  • Measure cable length – important for planning the installation layout, since avoiding cable lengths over 1 km is necessary when working with technology.


Online introduction & demonstration

TRIAX Network Analyser displays any signal disturbances and the data capacity at a specific endpoint location.
Since EoC operates in the frequency range from 0-200 MHz, one of the challenges could be that some TV services are positioned in this range. TRIAX Network Analyser reveals the potential disturbances in the given frequency band.
These are indicated with the blue line in this example screenshot, the spikes being analogue signals and the flatter peaks digital services.

TNA Screenshot 02

 We’re delighted to invite you to a live session for a comprehensive introduction and demonstration to TRIAX Network Analyser and new toolkit at the following times:

  • Wednesday 28. April, 13.00-14.00 CEST
  • Thursday 6. May, 13.00-14.00 CEST 

Just click one of the button below to sign up.


Sign up - 28. April

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