EoC update 2.8 - Easier and more efficient network management

Four new features added via software update, making network management easier and more efficient

TRIAX EoC software 2.8 adds further professional networking features and increases the flexibility of our Ethernet over Coax platform.

It’s available now for all TRIAX EoC controllers.

Partners and customers can download the new software by logging in to My TRIAX on your local TRIAX website, then navigating to an EoC controller in the Products area.

Management access on user level

This software update makes it possible to create a user account with very limited permissions. The user will only be able to see if End Points are online, and reboot them if necessary.

We are pleased to release this function as it has been a wish from large hotels. This way their receptionists can act as first level support, assisting guests who may be experiencing WiFi problems.

Guests receive a good service experience and time spent by management or technicians on the issue can be avoided.

Controller Stacking Overview

For large installations consisting of up to 10 controllers you will be able to create an overview of the complete system on a single page in the GUI.

eoc site status page 2

Here you can see the status and information of all EoC controllers and End Points in the system. Maintenance of the individual controllers is still performed directly on the controller itself.

Optimised End Point installations: auto-configure with default settings

Optimised processes when installing or replacing End Points is not only time-saving but also reduces the risk of human programming mistakes.

We have therefore simplified the setup procedure, now making it possible to configure the default group that new End Points are assigned to.

New End Points will automatically be configured with the default settings (such as VLANs and WiFi SSIDs), eliminating the need to individually configure each End Point after the installation.

New time-saving option for mass updates: CSV settings extract

Following customer requests, we are pleased to announce that with this update it is now possible for mass updates of settings like password, VLAN and WiFi SSIDs to be carried out on an extracted CSV file on a local PC and then re-loaded to the controller.

How to update & further questions

We have made a general step-by-step guide on how to upgrade the EoC Software:

How do I upgrade the software?

For any questions regarding the software release or the EoC product family in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to your usual TRIAX sales representative.

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